Hybrideyes.com was the first domain name I ever registered in the late 1990’s. Since then, I’ve used many others. I return to this one because it represents the birth of my online presence. I’m also switching my name for work on this website, from Carolyn Black to Carolyn de Vos, which was my maiden name. I’ve always signed artworks with CdV. So now I’m creating images again, that is my default position.

I’m known as Carolyn Black and run Flow Contemporary Arts. But this site is a personal one, nothing to do with that work. It’s about returning to a neglected practice and finding my feet again as an artist. And it is a delight to do.

Carolyn de Vos: the childhood name of nightmares, spelling it out to everyone – c, a, r, o, l, y, n, space, small d, e, space, capital v, o, s

Not surprising I have found b, l, a, c, k so much easier to use!

I have a BA hons in Fine Art (Bristol UWE); a Postgraduate Diploma in Printmaking (Bristol UWE) and an MA in Fine Art (Cardiff UWIC).