Current Works

“What a fascinating and enriching exploration. The glimpse of your drawings makes me want to draw. Your text makes me want to walk to a river. The panoramic horizon makes me want to think far deeper and further than ordinarily.” Anthea Nicholson, author

EXHIBITIONS  &  map of locations where you can see some of these works.

File 22-06-2017, 06 28 48

Purton Hulks opposite Purton Railway, chalk and charcoal on paper

File 22-06-2017, 06 28 04

Putcher Rack at Awre, framed, chalk and charcoal on paper

Newnham Church

Original available unframed: Newnham Church to Arlingham – chalk & charcoal on paper, 2 metres wide. Edition of 25 of 1 metre versions will be available soon


Original available (this is digital photo of the original): Looking across from Shepperdine to to Stroat, with Oldbury Power Station behind the cottage on the left.  Charcoal, chalk, pastels, watercolour & ink


Original available (this is digital photo of the original): Looking across from Stroat to Shepperdine & Oldbury Power Station.  Charcoal, chalk, pastels, watercolour & ink

newnham ferry 18th may

Original available (this is digital photo of the original): Newnham on Severn, nr. the ferry.  Charcoal, chalk, pastels, watercolour & ink


Original available: Pleasant Stile – Arlingham.  Charcoal (framed). chalk, pastels, watercolour & ink. Edition of 25 giclee prints 400cm x 300cm available.


SOLD: Newnham on Severn (framed). Charcoal, chalks on paper 2017


Original available: Silver Fox (framed). Newnham on Severn, charcoal & chalks

purton railway import

Original available (this is digital photo of original):  River Severn, West Bank, Purton. Charcoal, chalk, pastels, watercolour & ink


SOLD: The River Severn . Charcoal, chalks, pastels on paper 2017

I’m working on new drawings constantly, mostly depicting places either side of the River Severn in Gloucestershire. Read about the historical context of how these works have evolved, over some 20 years, here. These are black & white photos of original works and, as such, are different to the actual drawings. To view them larger, click on images and they will open a new page. To gain a sense of scale, go here. They all measure approximately 75cm x 25cm.

The images shown are photos of the original work where stated (mostly in frames or in context). They have a wider tonal range and are more subtle than black and white digital. Due to the large scale of the originals, they are better represented in this way. Others are black & white digital prints, photographs of the original artworks modified for editioning, not the actual artworks.

Close ups, showing detail:

I’m delighted to say I have been awarded a Grants for the Arts to pursue the next stage – a publication – about the drawings, the River Severn and this fascinating landscape.

artist cv carolyn black August 2017